"The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who's going to stop me." —Ayn Rand

EST. 2016

Our Mission:

Girls Rock Sacramento helps girls and those who identify as girls build self esteem through music education, collaboration, empowerment, a supportive community of peers and mentors, and the development of leadership skills.

We Exist To:

  • Build confidence in youth through music education
  • Provide youth with positive role models as they are discovering their own voice
  • Foster a space where youth support each other and feel free to express themselves without judgment and competition
  • Create a space where difference is celebrated and nurtured
  • Empower youth to recognize, understand and respond to discrimination
  • Create a world free of the myths that tell young people they can’t do or be something because of their gender

About Us:

Girls Rock Sacramento is a nonprofit 501 C-3 organization that empowers girls through music and music education. We promote an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity and teamwork. GRS challenges gender stereotypes, encourages collaboration and tolerance among peers, and provides a comfortable and safe place for girls of all backgrounds to express themselves. Through music lessons, workshops, group activities and live performance, girls acquire skills that help guide them throughout their lives. 

Donations to Girls Rock Sacramento are tax deductible through Global Purpose Group, 3524 Dutch Way, Carmichael, California 95608-3402. 501 (c)(3)  - EIN # 27–1840593