Why Girls Rock Sacramento?

In the short five days that is a Girls Rock Sacramento camp, our campers can arrive every day feeling free from judgment or scrutiny. Our decision to create a safe, nurturing environment that is comprised of only girls, trans, non-binary, or gender non-conforming youth promotes creativity, freedom, and empowerment in a world where many youth don’t always receive such unconditional and unbiased support.

Is it just music?

Girls Rock Sacramento is much more than a music education summer camp. We believe that creativity, positivity, and community are key elements of personal and collective empowerment and positive social change. A portion of the week is dedicated to workshops where campers can have age-appropriate facilitated discussions about topics affecting their daily lives, such as bullying, self defense, media literacy, and body image.

When is camp?

Girls Rock Sacramento will host at least one full (30-35 campers) week-long camp every summer, and also one or two “mini” (8-16 campers) week-long camps every summer. Full camp is M-F from 10am to 4pm with a concert on the weekend. Mini camps are M-F from either 10am to 1:30pm or 12:30pm to 4pm with concerts on the weekend.

When is registration?

We will begin accepting application for our 2019 season in March of 2019. Please click on "2019 camps" above for more information, or email

Are the concerts free?

Each camper will receive 2 complimentary tickets. General concert admission will be $10-$15 per person. All ages are welcome at Girls Rock Sacramento concerts.

How much is camp tuition?

Full camp is $350 per session. Mini camp is $250 per session. Each camp includes daily instrument lessons, use of an instrument, and all necessary gear such as amps, cables, microphones, etc, daily workshops and concerts, 2 complimentary finale showcase tickets, and more.

Is tuition tax-deductible?

Tuition is not, but any amount above it is! We welcome any and all monetary donations to Girls Rock Sacramento to help us fund our future camps and programs.

Do I need to know how to play an instrument?

No! GRS is open to all potential campers who want to play in a band, even if they've never picked up an instrument before! All levels of proficiency, even complete beginners, are welcome. We will teach you!

Where is camp?

Mini camps are located at GRS headquarters in North Sacramento. Our 2019 Full Day summer Teen Camp will be held at a high school in Sacramento.

Are camps ADA accessible?


Do I have to own an instrument?

No! We have donated gear that is available to use.

Can a boy participate?

Girls Rock Sacramento welcomes those who identify as girls, trans, non-binary, or gender non-conforming.